Life Lesson in Points

Find Motivation within; awake your conscience and know the consequences before you act! The world is full of demotivators, be your own motivation! Take chances, learn through your experience, keep reading, keep observing, believe in yourself because you are the best person who knows about yourself, your action's consequences, your potential, what is good for you, and what is bad for you. So don't let others' judgment about you affect you. Be good to others but be your own hero!

Read below how you can...

Three things one needs to do wisely?

Time, money, and choosing friends.

Five pillars of relationship

1. Trust

2. Understanding

3. Honesty/Transparency in communication

4. Care

5. Respect

Qualities of a true friend-

1. Trustworthy

2. Respectful

3. Empathetic

4. Compassionate

5. Nonjudgmental

6. Transparent

7. Dependable

Proactive response: Fundamental principle of response-

1. Choice of response-stimulus followed by magic space (think logically don’t gloss over it ) followed by a response.

2. Choices and consequences.

3. Product of choices- we are the product of our own choices, not environment or genes or feelings, so only I am accountable for my choices, and blaming others is a reactive response.

4. Power of silence and non-verbal communication: Silence does not mean approval, yet the message is clearly communicated.

5. Quality of thinking cum thought impulse


1. Listen with ears, heart & eyes without interruption—empathy, not sympathy

2. No advice. Never give advice.

3. Don't give a reactive response; don't respond out of negative feelings. Reactive thinking overrides logic; disregards consequences.

4. Response should be out of optimistic feelings after contemplating about consequences.

Circle of Control-

How I feel-How, I behave-How others respond

Law of life/situations-

 is uncontrollable but

What can one change or control?

My thinking, my choices, my behavior, my attitude, my jealously, and my environment.


To change or not change is a matter of choice regardless of age, given that one is willing to know.

Managed internal chaospositive thoughts/impulsehappy feelingsgood behaviorgood choicewinners

Unmanaged internal chaosnegative thoughts/impulsesad feelingsbad choice/behaviorlosers

Questions to self

1. Between BEING and DOING, which one is important and why?

2. What are the two most crucial hings in life other than God and primary needs?

3. Am I a product of choices and the environment?

4. What should be my life center?



2. Health and relationship

3. Choices

4. Purpose of life

Destiny flowchart-

Thought impulse




Repeated choice 



Repeated habit



Fundamental principles

1. Values and principle- the ability to choose between right and wrong.

2. Response-ability-life is all about situations and responses. Only one has the ability to respond to situations based on either negative feelings (reactive) or positive feelings (proactive).

3. Be friendly, not familiar

4. Five pillars of relationship-mentioned above

5. Two most crucial factors-mentioned above

6. Cooperation, not competition

7. Emotional Quotient

8. A fact of life- I am my best adviser

9. Confidence level and decision-making ability-  gets affected by unhealthy sexuality and child abuse, pressure to score marks, wrong understanding of success (money and fame). 

10. Never give advice- a person is his/her own best adviser. 


An eagle's nest rested on the wide side of the mountain. It had four big eagle eggs. During the earthquake, one egg will roll down to a chicken farm in the valley below. An old hen volunteered to feed and hatch the egg.

An egg hatched one day, and a beautiful eagle was born. Unfortunately, however, the eagle has been raised to be a chicken. The eagle soon claimed that he was nothing more than a bird. The eagle did what he did to the other bird. It scratched in the seed dirt. It clucked, and it crackled. It never went beyond few feet because that's what the other chickens did. The eagle loved his family, but his heart cried out for more.

One day he looked up to the sky while playing a game at the farm and saw an eagle rising gracefully and majestically. He asked the chickens, "What's that beautiful bird?" the chickens replied, "It's an eagle. He's an amazing bird, but you can't fly like him because you're just a chicken." So the eagle, believing he was a chicken, lived the same life and died like a chicken.

Tragic, man! He was born to win, but he was conditioned to lose. The same is true of the majority of people. To quote Oliver Wendall Holmes—'We don't achieve excellence because of our own lack of vision.' We don't need to allow negative people to drag one down.

Truism — The character of a person is judged not only by the company he keeps but also by the company he avoids.




Indecisive about choosing right or wrong

Make positive feeling based choices

Make negative feeling based choices

Respect circle of control

Wishful thinker and ignore negative consequences

Carry their own weather

Focus is on non-changeable

Ability to say NO

Unable to say NO

Assertive response

Aggressive response

Make ‘choose to’ response and not ‘have to’ response.

Make ‘have to’ response instead of ‘choose to’ response’

Say ‘will do’ not ‘will try to do’

Say ‘try to do’ instead to ‘will do’

Think logically about short term and long term consequences

Negative feelings hijack the logic.

Adept in using tools of proactivity: MAGIC SPACE, which consists of the pause button, self-awareness, 
imagination, conscience and will power

External factors control feelings.  

Strengthens intra-personal and inter-personal relationships.

Handover remote control of their life to others. 

Their persona expands the circle of influence.

Say ‘but’ as an excuse for not making proactive choices.

Best proactive adviser is self. Proactive is a winners choice, positive and powerful feeling.

Reactive is a looser’s choice , sad, low self esteem, self harm and psychosomatic disorders.

Life is a riddle to solve, not an issue to fix. 
Trust me, man. Life is great! If you know how to live.

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