Best tools and apps for every kind of Writers to Improve Writing Skills


Grammarly is a perfect tool for editing your write-ups. It can detect all grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors quickly and provide the correct version. It also tests for plagiarism in your content.


Hemingway is one of the oldest and coolest tools to check the readability of your writing. The free online edition works quite well, and the desktop version is available for both PC and Mac.

Daily Page

You undoubtedly know that you need to practice every day to improve your writing skills. When you have trouble developing a writing habit, Daily Page would be of assistance. The tool will send you a letter prompt every morning, and you'll be given a day to respond.


It's Twinword to the rescue when you get stuck while you are writing. The pauses in your writing are detected in this intuitive program. It then analyzes the meaning and proposes alternate terms to be used for rolling over again. This has several other instruments, including a tone analyzer, a phrase tracker, and a thesaurus.


EditMinion is an online copy editor for Trial versions. It improves the writing by uncovering common errors. Only copy and paste the written text into the given box, and it will do the rest. In this regard, it is just like Hemingway.


With this device, enhancing writing skills takes on visual flair. You will have an immersive animated mind map-style search tool with Visuwords. It produces word diagrams to help you find definitions for any word and other relevant terms and ideas.


This tool gives you points about how much you write each month. The goal is 750 per month. Each month, in the beginning, you start fresh again. It's all private, and the aim is to empty your brain.


A Ginger software helps you to write faster and easier. The tool has many features, including a grammar checker, sentence rephrasing, a dictionary, translations into more than 40 languages, and a personal trainer that strengthens your writing skills by developing customized practice sessions based on your mistakes.


It is a flexible device dealing with verbs. With a conjugation app, multi-lingual verb converter, search tool, verb games, and more, you can choose from.

Help Me Write

Help Me Write lets you post ideas about what you'd like to write and share those ideas through Facebook, Twitter, email. Tell your networks what they would like to read, and prepare the appropriate material.


It is a fantastic resource that will help you become a better writer, recognize and use passive voice and ads with your paragraph's structure, readability of your text. For the free edition, up to 3000 words can be analyzed.


This tool is exciting, interactive fun because you'll never know what's next. Writers can collaborate on stories or write chapters at random to add to other chain stores.

Character Questionnaire

This is part of the online community Gotham Writers. It is an in-depth questionnaire on character development that helps you round out the folks inhabiting the landscape of your story.



Use ZenPen to disable disturbance while the piece is being written. The app has a streamlined writing zone with a few functions to help optimize the text, add hyperlinks and quotes. When you are done, or whenever you want, you need to copy the text into your blog editor.


To support your writing, you may want to include a good quote from a writer, politician, or renowned person. BrainyQuote is a library that contains millions of interesting quotes on different topics.



In the COVID19 pandemic, when we are locked inside our house, it isn't easy to keep a distraction-free mode. It offers the "Pomodoro" option: work without distraction followed by short breaks. It should be optimally suited for productivity.

Time 4 Writing

Time4Writing is a platform that provides free writing resources to help parents and educators learn how to write better, including writing a paragraph, writing an essay, mechanics, and grammar, improving sentence structure, creative writing, graphic organizers, writing conventions; in addition to online writing courses lasting for 8 weeks.

Mind Tools

Mindtools will help you develop the critical management skills, leadership skills, and personal productivity required to create a healthy and productive career.

Class Central

Class Central provides around 90 free online courses to improve your writing skills.


WordStream lends online advertising power to organizations of all sizes. They help business owners, marketers, and agencies worldwide use paid search and social search to turn clicks into paying clients.

Headline Analyzer

This method will help you. Headline Analyzer provides tips that can bring more people into your write-ups, whether you're writing a title, an email subject line, or a tweet.


Readable will quickly test your text's readability, spelling, and grammar and show you how and where improvements can be made.

Tone Analyzer

Tone analyzer detects joyful, anxious, sad, angry, critical, hopeful, and apprehensive tones using linguistic analysis.

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