I am Nidhi Aswal Bagri from Uttarakhand, India. I am a Pharmacist. I have done master's in pharmacology and toxicology. I have worked as a lecturer in pharmacy college, I also have corporate experience in pharmacovigilance, technical medical writing, market research and copy editing. Now, I am a full time mom and a blogger. I have great inclination towards vedic learning not just mugging up but understanding the core of upanishads which has helped me in dealing with hardships of my life smoothly.

Vedic oral tradition is eternal unlike materialistic civilization. Veda is neither a religion nor a philosophy it is only source of knowledge that defy materialism scientifically. Vedas are fountain of holistic approach to complete wellness through access to nature. Let's remove all the misconception about vedas because only through vedic knowledge you can learn that you are the ultimate bliss!

I love to bestow more time in motivating people because it gives me inner joy and avoiding toxic people keep me sane. I love reading and writing about health care, public health, women empowerment, spirituality, international relations, social issues, digital marketing, science and technology.

To pen down my life experience of discovering who am I ? I came up with vedicinstinct.com to share the experience of finding your true self, to make you learn how to turn pain into power and intelligence, powerful ways to be a woman of substance, self-development, purpose of life, motivation and inspiration, decode pharma and medicine for layman. Through vedic insights realize that you are the ultimate bliss by inquiring within. Get to know the misconceptions about veda, cure depression and control your emotions through upanishads, importance of nature and environmental management from minimalist explanation and writing.

P.S. I'm not pretending to have all the answers and I still have to learn a lot as I consider myself a lifelong learner. So I'm happy to share what I've learned up to now. My research is not the only way of thinking about living; it's the way I think about it. Hopefully, you'll find that helpful too.